Arthur Lyman

Taboo Vol. 2

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Space Age Pop
What Show & Tell had to say
Kevin Crossman's review of Lyman's show "Live at the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel"
Rick Carroll's Profile of Lyman
or just buy it on CD rather than listening to my scratchy vinyl sample (:

As is probably usual, my first experience with this album was utter facination with the cover. I can remember playing GI Joes (yeah, the foot-tall ones with fuzzy hair and Kung-Fu Grip) with a friend of mine at about age 10 and finding this album tucked amongst the Led Zepplin and Jimi Hendrix that my friend's parents kept stacked next to the console stereo in the family room. I was thrilled. Surely I had in my hands something far more satanic than any of that Blue Oyster Cult bullshit? Sadly, I was never allowed to find out. The stereo hadn't had a needle in the tonearm since Nixon was elected and my parents would surely poop cinderblocks if something that evil crossed the threshold.

I never got to actually hear it, but the cover art stayed in my brain for decades. Then last week I find it at the Sons Of Italy Record Show while browsing with the rest of the Luther Heggs Trio. Yay! It's actually a pretty amazing record and it has finally made me like Arthur Lyman. (I never clicked with "Pukka Shells")

- The Right Reverend Theodore Munk

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