Fahim Dadi and Jodette

Nights Of Jodette

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Jodette's story

This one has a nifty insert that I should scan as soon as I get my scanner working again. It's a catalog of Jodette's belly dancing school store. You could buy outfits, instruments, other records and tapes and even books by Jodette, who was apparently quite the babe - although the cover photo for this album makes her look kinda skanky, the rest of the pics are quite flattering. Hubba-hubba!

the link above goes to the "Jodette International" website, which I have to assume is the same Jodette, and it looks like she's still pumping out the dances and even has a brand new CD (she wears a big veil now, so it's hard to compare the pics to see if she's the same Jodette). I checked out her offering of tapes and CD's and didn't see this one listed (there's a "Night of Jodette" but it's with a different musician. I think it's different than the one I have posted, but if someone finds out otherwise, let me know and I'll remove this sharity. I don't want to mess with her means of making a living.)

- The Right Reverend Theodore Munk

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