Joe Maphis

Gospel Guitar


Some Links:

Bakersfield Sound
Blue Book info on the Custom Mosrite that's on the cover
some more info on Joe's Mosrite
Fire On The Strings - a lot of good history on Joe

Twangy-spacey-echoey old-timey gospel instrumentals by Joe and his double-neck Custom Mos-rite. Toe-tappin fun. enjoy!

This was one of the gems pulled out of a dumpster by a friend of mine who suffers from limited mobility due to some nerve disease i've forgotten the name of. I was singularly impressed by:
  1. The fact that he understood how much it would've pained my soul to have old slabs of vinyl end thier days in a dustbin
  2. The fact that he cared enough to go through the ordeal of lugging almost 100 albums one at a time to his car from said dustbin
  3. The high quality of his find.
The best of these I've sampled, others just have cool cover art. Thanks, Al!
- The Right Reverend Theodore Munk

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Joe Maphis
Gospel Guitar