The "Sleepwalk" Guitars of Dan and Dale


In honor of my fellow Accordion Thief and weird vinyl addict Faustus Pringle, I bring you this strange meld of what happens when you mix spy-theme guitars with accordion. The result? Bizarre at best. Can't find a lot about these guys on Google except some lists of records on the Diplomat label. Sad, because it's catchy in a quirky, "Pat Boone on Acid" kind of way..

addendum: Marco from the exotica mailing list mentions that Dan & Dale also have an album that features Sun Ra and Al Kooper as session musicians. The album to look for is (strangely enough) the Batman & Robin theme one. More here:

- The Right Reverend Theodore Munk

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Radio Bastet
Record Brother
Space Debris
Pastor McPurvis
Sweet Thunder
Music for Maniacs
Tumble Forms
Xtabay's Lounge World
Comfort Stand
Tiki Tim's Lounge
Rato Records
Oddio Overplay
Snow Day

Don't Change Much

Your Pal Doug
Sem Sinatra
Astro Boy
Oddio Overplay

Don't Change A'tall

365 Days
Randy's Bamboo Room


Vegas Vic

On Hiatus

Hepcat Willy
Journey to the Past

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Sleepwalk Guitars of Dan and Dale

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